If you have ever found yourself feeling nervous or unsure in a new or unfamiliar place, you probably can connect with that sense of relief when someone gives you a warm smile, or extends their hand, or offers their help. For our newest Afghan neighbors embarking on this new, major chapter in their lives, a warm welcome alongside support can make all the difference.

EMM, in coordination with the Episcopal Church Office of Development, has launched the Neighbors Welcome: Afghan Allies Fund as an initiative to help EMM provide the housing and basic needs resources and funding for new Afghan arrivals.

As per the Afghan Placement & Assistance program, all new arrivals on parolee status receive $1,225  per person. That money will go towards funding for housing and basic needs, with rent dominating a significant amount of those funds. The Afghan Allies Fund is a direct response to this obstacle, and we are appreciative of any amount that individuals are able to give.

EMM determined that in order to offer full support to our newest neighbors, we will need to raise $4 million dollars towards this fund. As of the end of September, we have raised $229,120.00 of our $4 million goal.

There are many ways to support this fund, from sending a text to mailing in a check, and any amount is always appreciated.

Here are all the ways you can give: