Fourth Sunday of Advent Reflection by Ana Reza

On the fourth Sunday of Advent we get closer to the celebration of the birth of Christ.  The birth is our Salvation & Truth.  In a time where lies have become acceptable we need to speak the Truth louder & continuously.  We have even been lied to, concerning the image of Christ being a white man. To people of color this lie has caused so much suffering and death.  

These lies create racist structures. Here we are looking specifically at refugees, asylum seekers & immigration. Once these lies are created it is easier for a few policy makers to control our reaction to the immigration process in our country. And create oppressive border policies.  

We are called to prepare and be true followers of Christ by understanding our connection. In Spanish there is a saying Tu Lucha es mi Lucha. Your struggle is my struggle.  As we say, “Here I am” may we be open to the truth of our connections, our bond & our responsibility. We are family, we are a community, and we need to start treating each other this way.  If we trust & have faith in the Truth, the Way and not the lies then we will be given the freedom we so desperately need. We would create an awesome life, overflowing with equality for all people & our environment. We deserve it. 

Ana Reza is the Bridge Chaplain at the Diocese of the Rio Grande, living in El Paso, Tx and working in Juarez, Mx.  She works within one of the asylum shelters in Juarez, MX. She provides pastoral care and seeks and trains volunteers  to go to the shelters and do a variety of activities from teaching to prayer.  During COVID she is involved with EMM in building solidarity with other members of the community working along the border and with asylum seekers throughout the USA.

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