Epiphany Bible Study

Welcome to Epiphany, and thank you for journeying through this season with Episcopal Migration Ministries and the Good Book Club. This curriculum is an adaptable and flexible series that may be used at any time of year. It is based upon the Gospel of John, using the daily reading schedule from the Good Book Club.

The Good Book Club is an invitation to all Episcopalians to join in reading the Gospel of John during Epiphany 2020. For readings, resources, partner organizations, and more, visit www.goodbookclub.org. Sign up for Good Book Club emails and participate in this wonderful churchwide Bible study.

epiphany 2020 graphic

Supplemental Videos & Materials

These supplemental videos and materials accompany the written Epiphany Bible Study guide. Scroll down to request and receive a free copy of the guide for download.

Click for the Lesson 1 video.

Click for the Lesson 2 video.

Click for the Lesson 3 video.

Click for the Lesson 4 video.

Click for the Lesson 5 video.

Click for the Lesson 6 video.

Click for the Lesson 7 video.

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