Episcopal Migration Ministries is seeking a Neighbor to Neighbor Missioner. The consultant position will report to Allison Duvall, EMM Senior Manager of Church Relations and Engagement. The hours for the position are negotiable/fluctuating; on average at present, 20-30 hours per week. Compensation is negotiable based on experience.


Through Neighbor to Neighbor, Episcopal Migration Ministries seeks to connect Episcopal congregations to newly arrived asylum seekers, and to equip and support them as they engage in the work of accompaniment and/or sponsorship. Recognizing that relationships across difference transform the lives of all participants, NtoN’s Missioner will work to guide and support congregational teams as they in turn support asylum seekers through skills-based trainings, communal spiritual practices from the Christian tradition, community building, and peer-led groups of support and prayer.

In addition to leading all congregational trainings and support programming for enrolled congregations, the Missioner will work with interested congregations, dioceses and provinces of the Episcopal Church to promote and engage the Neighbor to Neighbor network across the country. The Missioner will partner with other agencies, faith groups and advocacy/direct service organizations whenever possible, convene and facilitate NtoN’s Advisory committee, and work with EMM’s Senior Manager for Church Relations & Engagement to develop, deepen, and grow the Neighbor to Neighbor network with a preference always for small, real work over large and impressive promises. The Missioner will also work with EMM’s Manager for Communications to address the communications needs of the program.


  • Design, schedule, and facilitate all training and support programs for Neighbor Congregations.
  • Build relationships with, and offer support to, interested congregations, dioceses and provinces across the U.S.
  • Manage and respond to all inquiries about NtoN. Lead presentations, teach, and preach about NtoN / immigration / asylum seekers’ journeys and etc.
  • Create written materials, including tool kits, guides and information packages, for those interested in learning more.
  • Create, convene and facilitate a NtoN Advisory Committee comprised of those with first-hand experience of the asylum process.
  • Collaborate and participate with the Episcopal Church’s Asylum & Detention Ministry Network, and with other relevant ecumenical, interfaith, and advocacy coalitions.
  • Regularly select mixed media pieces on immigration/asylum/related fields for distribution to Neighbor Congregations


  • A deep love of God
  • A deep love of people
  • An abiding ability to listen
  • A belief that the poor really are blessed – and so have much to teach those who are less poor
  • A flexible and generous nature
  • Fluency and comfort in multiple cultures
  • Comfort with uncertainty, and the places in-between
  • An ongoing desire to learn from others – especially the poor and displaced
  • College degree preferred
  • Proficiency in languages additional to English, a plus
  • Chaplaincy training a plus


  • Excellent written and spoken English language abilities
  • Well-developed ability to support and accompany others through the ministry of presence
  • Excellent facilitation and group skills
  • Comfort with and experience of multiple cultures
  • Experience of working with people in extremis
  • Experience of working with people of faith
  • Demonstrated community building & leadership skills
  • Ability to self-motivate for work on your own
  • Ability also to work on a team
  • Good organizational skills


To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume with two (2) references and narrative (2 pages max., see below) to Allison Duvall ([email protected]) no later than July 9, 2021.

Narrative Question:

Why are you interested in integrating the work of the Episcopal Church with the work to accompany and support Asylum Seekers from across the world? What do you anticipate might be a highlight of this work? What do you anticipate might be a struggle?