News Digest: March 22, 2019

Articles 3/21/19, UNHCR: ‘Water was a curse then. Now, water is a blessing’ Three out of 10 people worldwide do not have access [...]

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News Digest: March 14, 2019

Articles April 2019 edition, The Atlantic: White Nationalism’s Deep American Roots America has always grappled with, in the words of the immigration historian [...]

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News Digest: March 7, 2019

Articles 3/6/19, USCIS: Ombudsman Partners with USCIS to Inform Public on the Release of a Revised Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status [...]

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News Digest: March 1, 2019

3/1/19, The Guardian: Rohingya crisis: Bangladesh says it will not accept any more Myanmar refugees Bangladesh was lauded for its willingness to keep [...]

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News Digest: February 22, 2019

2/22/19, New York Times: ISIS Cases Raise a Question: What Does It Mean to Be Stateless? 2/20/19, New York Times: A Staggering Exodus: Millions [...]

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News Digest: February 7, 2019

Articles 2/7/19, Washington Post: Trump’s troop deployment strung ‘lethal’ razor wire on the border. This city has had enough. 2/5/19, Washington Post: Advocacy groups [...]

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