What exactly is asylum? How is an asylum seeker different from a refugee or others forced to flee their homes?  If someone wants asylum in the U.S., what do they have to do?   

If you’re not sure you could answer those questions, you are not alone. But you may want to take some steps to deepen your understanding and engage with these issues. 

Here are some resources that explain what asylum is, what distinguishes asylum seekers from refugees and other newcomers, and what people seeking safety go through to resettle in the United States: 

Eager to engage in hands-on support for asylum seekers, refugees and other newcomers?  EMM invites you to take a next step:  

There is much to learn and much to be done, but every step counts!  Join EMM as we welcome refugees and asylum seekers, educate communities, and engage groups and individuals in advocating for the protection and rights of all migrants.