We’re casting the spotlight on one of our affiliates, InterFaith Works of Central NY (IFWNY), who worked in partnership with Syracuse University (SU) to collect and distribute warm outerwear to 700 people throughout the city. Dr. Ruth Chen, professor at Syracuse University and IFWNY board member, in collaboration with Beth Broadway, IFWNY CEO, spearheaded the event.

In partnership with IFWNY, SU called on Dome, Hendricks Chapel, Athletics, and student organizations “in high gear to gather, clean and sort the mounds of coats, hats, gloves and boots for 12 different agencies and grassroots food pantries that distributed these items just in time for our sub-zero weather.”

This was a coordinated effort between SU and IFWNY, as well as many other local organizations that were in need of winter gear. IFWNY has worked closely with SU on many projects over the years. IFWNY has noted that they receive volunteers and interns from different offices throughout the university and have SU staff/faculty that serve on the board or work as volunteers. SU students took the lead on sorting and organizing the collected coats, including a ROTC student who has worked very closely with IFNWY on different projects (including a pop-up clothing event for clients, for example).

The press release for Operation Orange can be found here. 

To learn more about InterFaith Works of Central New York’s Mission, visit: https://www.interfaithworkscny.org/

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