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    Episcopal Migration Ministries, in partnership with a network of affiliate agencies, dioceses, churches, and volunteers, is today one of only nine national agencies
    through which all refugees enter the United States. To date, Episcopal Migration Ministries has helped more than 80,000 persons resettle and thrive in this land.

  Now our ability to continue this life-saving work is in danger.

U.S. policy concerning refugees is under executive review. The current administration
has stated an intention to temporarily suspend the refugee resettlement program and
reduce the total number of refugees who will be allowed into the country this year by
more than half. These are drastic departures from the U.S.’ historic role as a leader in
the humanitarian work of refugee resettlement. Furthermore, these proposed policies
will severely inhibit the ability of the Episcopal Church and other faith communities
 to live into our call to serve and welcome the least of these

While these changes in policy face ongoing legal challenges, Episcopal Migration Ministries
and our partners are already feeling the effects: tens of thousands of refugees already
vetted and approved for admission to the U.S. have been left in harm’s way, budgets
have been reduced and professionals with decades of experience let go. Alarmingly, our
ability to ensure that our newest neighbors feel welcomed and safe has been compromised.

We need your help to ensure refugees are welcomed to a place of safety and opportunity. 
Stand with us as we care for and welcome our newest neighbors and advocate for refugees   at home and abroad.

 We need your help! Please make a donation today.

In the name of these refugees, stand with all refugees.

To donate by check, make your check payable to The Episcopal Church, memo line Episcopal Migration Ministries, and send it to: Episcopal Migration Ministries, 815 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10017.

As a thank you for your donation of $250 or more, you will receive a 24" x 36" print of the iconic 1930's Diocese of Southern Ohio poster.

For donations of $100 or more, you will receive as our thank you an 11" x 17" print.

   Resources for Refugee Sunday

     Stand to Support Refugees Introduction Letter for Churches

     Sample Church Announcements

     Prayers of the People

  Download 8.5 x 5.5 Church Bulletin (with bleeds)
  Download 8.5 x 5.5 Church Bulletin (without bleeds)
       Download 8.5 x 11 Church Bulletin (with bleeds)
       Download 8.5 x 11 Church Bulletin (without bleeds)

 Download 8.5 x 11 Poster (with bleeds)
 Download 8.5 x 11 Poster (without bleeds)
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